Unesco lands - Friendly choices for environment:
a strong respect for the vineyards, the land and the people.


My family has always been willing the best for the vineyard. Taking good care of it as it was “painted with a brush“. Working with ambition, dedication and extreme care for aesthetic and above all functional reasons.Geometrie ed allineamenti nelle zone dei vigneti

The age of the vineyards is variable.
The oldest are fifty years old.
The latest one, nebbiolo, goes back to the Spring 2019. 

I am very attached to them and take care since my young age.

Today I continue my activity with my wife; we do all operations in the vineyard by hand.
My gray hair, almost white, remind me every day of this choice. We know in depth the characteristics and needs of each plot of the vineyard, we avoid aggressive interventions on the plant. It ‘s important to know the needs of the strain, the branches, the leaves before the grape harvest. The vine cycle keeps us busy from January to early October. We choose Colori estivi in cui s'immergono i vigneti a short pruning. We limit the production in favor of a high quality product

In addition to our work, nature gives a strong contribution to the final product.
Excellent location for the vineyards, facing south-east on the warm and sunny slope of the valley hills of Vigliano - Montegrosso.
The Barbera grape varieties are found on the highest points of the hills. 
Altitude of 279 (m a.s.l.) and breeding Guyot.

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